How to Prep Your Lawn for Spring

February 20, 2013

As we approach warmer weather, it may be time to start thinking about creating and maintaining a healthy lawn. Although it’s still early for activities, planning your spring lawn care can start now. Here are some steps to take towards preparing your yard for spring.

Debris Removal
Begin by using a rake to remove debris, sticks, and leaves. This will remove any accumulations of dead grass and loosen the surface of the soil, encouraging healthy air flow. Be sure to wait until the soil in your lawn has dried out for the most part before raking. Raking on a soggy surface can be detrimental to your grass.

Grass Seed
Identify areas in your lawn with dead grass or weak grass growth. It is helpful to mix the grass seed with new, healthy soil before sprinkling in your lawn. Remember, of course, to water this area to help faster growth. Hydroseeding is also an option but can be costly. This would be more for a very large area where hand seeding isn’t an option.

Place mulch around areas like flower beds and bases of trees to retain water. If layered thickly, this will also help them stay warm for the remainder of winter.

Depending on the temperature outside, you may not need to fertilize if you did in the fall. This usually only needs to be done twice a year. If you fertilized last fall, wait until late April-May. If not, we recommend waiting until after the first three mowings.

It’s best to only water when your lawn needs it, and with a lot of water. If you water deep, the roots will extend deeper into the soil instead of staying at the top for only light watering. However, in the case of fresh grass seed, water this often and lightly. You only want to dampen the seeds and not wash them away. Also, keep in mind your grass type when it comes to watering.

By taking these steps to planning ahead for spring lawn care, you should find your lawn easy to maintain. Ready for an upgrade? Contact us for all of your landscaping needs.


One Response to “How to Prep Your Lawn for Spring”

  1. I need to get started on my lawn as soon as possible. I can’t wait for the spring weather to finally get here.

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