Winter time provides great opportunities to give your house a new look. If you are hosting a party, you have the chance to impress your guests as they walk up to your door. From lights to wreaths, here are some of our favorite decoration tips for your front porch:


  • Lights – Everyone’s favorite winter decoration is lights. You are sure to see houses decked in lights as you drive through your neighborhood. Wrapping them around trees, railings, windows and other fixtures around your house provides a great festive look. Check out our previous blog on Christmas lights for your home.
  • hEvergreens -Wreaths, garlands and Christmas trees. Evergreen provides the green during the white-out of winter. Wreaths are perfect for your front door. Garlands are perfect for wrapping around posts and railings. It is always nice to see a Christmas tree through the window of a house, as well.



  • Poinsettia – Besides evergreen, poinsettias are the signature plant of Christmas time. It is best to keep the real poinsettias inside the home as they will not be able to handle the extreme cold temperatures. However, you can add fake poinsettias to your front porch decorations for an extra bit of color.


  • Doormats – The doormats’ main use is to keep your guests from dragging in snow and dirt but it is also great to add a bit of decoration to your front porch!
  • Candles – If you are planning on having guests over, lighting candles that have protection from the wind are a perfect addition to your front porch. Be careful that they are out of the way of dry evergreen!

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